Blogger Spring 2018 Application

Thank you for your interest in blogging for The Seasons Story! We are a quarterly event within Second Life. The event runs:

  • Spring - April
  • Summer - July
  • Autumn - October
  • Winter - January

Before applying below, please make sure you read over all of the requirements before agreeing to the terms. This is important so we can find the bloggers who love our event and are up to completing the requirements. Only 1 person from a blogger team will be accepted. 

The application will close on March 28th and invites will be sent out by the 31st of March


  • No Stealing Other People's Artwork
  • No Manipulating other people's artwork as your background

looking for:


Female Bloggers:

  • 4 Posts 12 Items (3 different items/creators per post)

Male Bloggers

  • 2 Posts 6 Items (3 different items/creators
    per post)

All posts must be submitted by the 25th of the event month.

  • High quality and creative images
  • Well thought out concepts
  • Passion for blogging
  • Blog Age: + 6 months
  • Use tags & has a search bar within their blog
  • Active: Blogging at least 3 times a month
  • Display items clearly
  • List details: Store & Event with Link
  • Able to blog: Decor, Fashion, Animations

Please complete the form below

Name *
Your Username not your Display name
Flickr Blogs are ok as long as all items are listed.
If you do not have a blog please put N/A
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Posts must be sent in by the 25th
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