Designer Information

Welcome designers! We are very happy to have all of you take part in The Seasons Story. Below is information that will help you get ready for the next round of TSS. Please make sure to read over it carefully but if there are any questions you are welcome to message us.

  • TheSeasonsStory

  • Crème (cremepan)

  • ღ'ᴥ'ღ .ᴅᴏᴏʙᴏᴏ. ( Catpan )

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Deadline Extension Countdown

The sim will open for SETUP on September 30th @ 11:59 PM (23:59) aka Midnight Ending on October 7th @ 1:00 AM (01:00).

Deadline Extension: 7th @ 1 AM SLT - 9th @ 10 PM SLT

Info & Rules

This coming round is Autumn! This an an Anniversary round!

Below is a list of what we expect from those who have joined us

  • You can price your items freely

    • Discounts are not required, this is up to the designers if they wish to place a discount on their release(s)

      • During anniversary rounds it is requested to help us celebrate by doing so (Autumn Rounds).

  • Any Copyright Infringement will not be tolerated

    • If you are found to be breaking this rule you will automatically be ejected from the event, unable to apply for future rounds.

  • It is your responsibility to set up within the given time. You risk the chance of being removed from the event and your booth returned. There will be no refunds for those who fail to do so.

  • 100% Original

    • You must be the one who created the mesh, no templates for the masses!

    • Working with a Mesh Creator, custom/exclusive only to your store is OK.

  • NO re-textured or old items are allowed as your contribution to TSS

  • Gachas are allowed, but no heavy scripts permitted.

    • Rare percentages must be between 10-15%

      • If you have an Ultra Rare: 7-10%

    • Maximum items: 35

    • Must remain under a 100 Lindens per pull

Anniversary Rounds

October celebrates another year of The Seasons Story

  • There will be a discounted item

    • 1 color/item of your choice

    • 25 - 50% discount you can choose

  • This is not mandatory but if you would like to make a 0 Linden anniversary gift for this round, it would be appreciated. It will make the round of The Seasons Story fun for the shoppers and help celebrate the our anniversary!


During setup the only people allowed to enter the sim are designers. If any designers need their manager to help please tell us their name and we will add them to access the sim. Bloggers will start entering on the 7th until opening of the event so it's best to get all of your items finished so they can start working with promoting. For setting up your items in the blogger room scroll to the bottom of the page for more information.

We wanted to make this easier for the designers and not feel any stress with picking a spot or worrying about not being able to get to the sim on the first day. We have placed out Designer and Sponsor labels that contain each stores name. It designates where each will set up their creations. 

During setup you are welcome to decorate your booth to give it more life, this is optional. If you do decide to decorate, please remove all scripts and turn them to phantom.

Prim Limits:

  • Sponsors: 150 Prims

  • Designers: 40 Prims

The sim will open for SETUP on September 30st @ 11:59 PM (23:59) aka Midnight Ending on October 7th @ 1:00 AM (01:00).

Those who have purchased deadline extensions your setup deadline is October 9th @ 10:00 PM SLT

Demo Area

Designers, if you need to set out any of your items that are too large for your booth we have an area in the sky where you can display them at full size. Please send an IM to Cremepan Resident and she will set out the Teleports.


You can send your vendor ads to our email:

  • Max dimensions: 2048 pixels

    • Please do not send a 6000 pixel image

  • The catalog is setup in 1 x 1 square format, when you click on the image it will enlarge.

  • Ads should be sent in either as a PNG or JPEG, no BMP files.

  • Label your ad with the name you want displayed in the catalog.

    • Store Name - Item Name

You are welcome to add your images to our Flickr group if you haven't joined please do so :D It will reopen on the 1st of July and close at the end of the event.

If there are any changes or updates to the ads please send ASAP so we can get the proper image you want up. It would be best to get them in by the 7th so we may post them to the site and start promoting. Reminders will be sent out through the in-world group notices, we will not hunt or track down creators who have not sent in their ads.

Blogger Room

If you wish to place out your item for our selected bloggers please do it before the ending of setup. Once the sim opens it will be difficult for our bloggers to enter the sim to retrieve the items to work with and for yourself to place them out.

Do NOT place a NC in the blogger box informing the bloggers to contact you. By using the blogger room you must place your items into the box. We will be checking each blogger box to make sure.

The only designers allowed to get other designers work are those who participate in placing out their own items in the blogger room. If you have a design partner please let us know when you add your item to the room so we may add their name to the blogger access list. 

Thank you

We thank you so much for joining us and making our event continue to stay strong. The event will officially open to the public on the 10th of October and close on the 31th. Work hard and we wish you the best!